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Welcome to the Reef Corner! Thanks for visiting us and we hope that you will find something you like. My love for the salt water hobby has brought me to this point. Specifically it was the live reef tanks and those crazy corals. But somewhere along the way I fell in love with the fish side of the hobby and that's when my hobby went My business is small and run from my home but my passion for this hobby can not be measured. I have one provide high quality, premium healthy marine fish at an affordable price! I hand pick every single fish out myself. I can order fish from wholesalers out of state at a cheaper price but then at the mercy of someone else picking out my stock. Every fish is selected as if I would be buying it for myself because not all fish look the same. Simply put, I want the best of the best to sell.

I try my best to find out what region a fish has come from and list it in my videos. And I refuse to bring in fish from locations that have been known to use cyanide as a practice to catching fish. All my little buddies swim in R.O. water and go thru a quarantine. I don't just hold a fish for a few days and then think its safe to sell. I medicate and treat for parasites internal and external twice a month. But it gets better...I am in the process of expanding...Yahoo! Rather then treat twice a month I will be dedicating a section for new fish and they will be treated immediately for parasites and then receive a fresh water bath before being released for sell. Although I can't guarantee a fish to be parasite free (beware of those that do) I will guarantee to work my butt off trying to do so!!!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the videos of all my friends for sale. I make them so you know exactly what you are buying and there are no surprises. Come join me as I revolutionize how fish are sold online!

the Reef Corner


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