About Us

I began keeping reef tanks about 14 years ago. I have a true love for the hobby and enjoy the marine world.

I work in the Information Technology sector. Honestly, I don't look at The Reef Corner as something I do to make a living off of. I actually look at it as an extension of a hobby that's gone out of control, lol! Despite me looking at it as a hobby it is a legitimate home-based LLC business registered with the state of New Jersey and Bergen County. Having it home-based brings many advantages to both me and my customers. It allows me to operate with a much lower over-head passing on the savings  to my customers while offering high quality marine animals!

We want to provide only 100% healthy marine animals. All of my stock is purchased only from local wholesalers. I do not believe in transhipping any of my stock and being at the mercy of someone picking out my stock. This allows me the luxury of cherry picking my own! Everything is quarantined for at least 7 days and goes thru a 2 stage quarantine. I treat for Ich and internal/external parasites...just because you cant see them doesn't mean they don't have them! Also if it's not eating it's not for sell...Period!

Again, thank you for visiting the site. We hope you find something you like. Be sure to drop us an email or call should you have any questions. Happy Reefing!