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COVID was a game-changer when it came to trends in all industries including floral. What was in one moment was out the next. With ever-changing weddings and the laws and restrictions that bind us, it can seem hard to know what the newest trends will be but still, it is our job to be in the know!

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White and Neutral Colors
White is of course always a classic wedding color but it’s finding its home in wedding floral for 2021. It’s back to the basics with this pale hue! White represents balance and peace, which is something we are all craving right now. Just like Pantone’s color illuminating the color of the season takes its cues from society at large this year.

Everlasting Flowers
These old-school, vintage-looking flowers were once a stable for boho and rustic style weddings but that’s not the case anymore! Dried flowers and dried greenery are on-trend when it comes to minimalist micro weddings this year. As a florist, you can help guide your couple into this beautiful timeless trend.

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Statement Decor
This may seem like a bad time to be a wedding florist with events up in the air but that’s just not the case! Check out our article on how to sell micro weddings if you still think so. As the article states with fewer people attending a wedding the funds previously allocated by the couple can go towards bigger and grander décor!

Shopping Local
There is nothing better than shopping local when you can, this option also feels more personable to most brides. If you can try to opt for flowers that are locally grown and help smaller businesses during this trying time! If you give back, you will receive in spades.

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The ’70s Are Back
Think Boho Chic and 70’s if you want to stay on trend for weddings this year. Wedding decor this year will be sustainable, raw, natural, and locally sourced when possible and this will reflect in the flowers. Mix your dried flowers, painted foliages, macramé, wooden beading, and deeply textured linens and ribbons to recreate a decade gone by.

Waterfall Bouquets
Get ready, they’re back! The key to making this classic shape fit with your bride is to make sure she is aware that the bouquet will look the most striking if it reflects the opposite texture as her dress. With smoother fabrics go with detailed flowers and for a more detailed dress opt for smoother petals.

It may have already seemed hard to keep up with quickly changing trends due to social media and the internet, but a keen eye is a perfect way to stay up to date. Keep a tab on the pulse of your industry to stay on the cutting edge and even a global shift won’t deter you!

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