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How can you save time, maximize efficiency, and help your business run more smoothly?

You may be a passionate event florist and still feel like you never have enough time in the day. How do you balance doing what you love and having a work-life balance? These five time-saving tips are ideal for event florists. They’ll help you get more done while increasing profits and leave you wondering how you ran your business without them.


Create a Clear Plan

Events are chaotic and stressful. When you have a clear plan, everyone on your team knows exactly what to do and how to help without having to stop and ask questions. Create a clear and thorough plan that includes everything from receiving the flowers for the arrangements to picking up materials after the event is over.

A plan may include action items for each team member, a shopping list, a checklist of everything that needs to be taken to the venue, and anything else that may make that specific event go more smoothly.

Provide Recipe Sheets to Floral Designers

Recipe sheets can help to eliminate confusion and wasted time if you’re working with floral designers for an event. As an event floral designer, you can create recipe sheets should you no longer have to give verbal instructions. All they have to do is look at the recipe sheet and get to work, this will help your team to be sure that they’re making the exact same product offered in the proposal and that at the end they will not be using more supplies than the expected.

Utilize a Workstation Structure

Having well-prepared workstations can revolutionize your event preparation. Here’s how it’ll work. You’ll set up workstations with everything team members need for their assignments. The goal is to keep them at their stations, so movement is minimized. When people aren’t running across the room, you’ll find things get done faster.

Know How to Replace Yourself

If you got sick on the day of the event, would someone be able to replace you? Hopefully, the answer is yes. While you may love being an integral part of your business, make it a priority to replace yourself. Train others to do the jobs you find yourself constantly doing. There shouldn’t be anything that only you know how to do because having the ability to rely on other people helps you save time and also enables others to gain more experience.

Proposal Software

Looking for the ultimate way to cut down the amount of time you spend on each event? Use a floral management software like BloomsBy. It provides support to event florists during each step of the process. Save time and increase your profits by learning more here.

Event florists have a lot of moving pieces, but there are a variety of ways that you can save time throughout this process. Making sure you have a clear plan and can rely on your team is incredibly important. Then add a tool like BloomsBy and never waste time again!

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