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If you’re new to BloomsBy or looking for software for your business, this guide will help you learn more about BloomsBy and its features.

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What is BloomsBy? How does It work?

BloomsBy is a Powerful Wedding/Event Floral Management system that lets you grow and manage your floral business.

  • Create and customize wedding/event proposal contracts
  • Profit Calculator for Labor and Markups
  • iPad app Access
  • Manage floral proposals and contracts, Floral catalog, personalized emails, payments, and more.

BloomsBy is completely cloud-based and hosted, meaning you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers. This gives you the flexibility to access and run your business from anywhere.


On what platforms can I use BloomsBy?

BloomsBy is a web-based service with an iPad add-on. The full suite of floral features is available on the web (using a standard browser like Google Chrome), while a subset is available on the iPad app. Please note that some tools like settings require to set up on the web version. Reports and QuickBooks integration require a login to the web version.


How can I sign up for the BloomsBy service? 

Note that you will need to contact our sales team to sign up for the BloomsBy service before you can get started. We require a credit card before you can get started with the service.

We will need to assist you with merchant account setup before you can begin accepting payments through BloomsBy.


Who can use the BloomsBy service? 

BloomsBy is a service for flower businesses to manage and coordinate with with their end-customers and employees (e.g. drivers, designers, more).


Can I Try BloomsBy Before I Purchase?

Yes! Take a look around and test BloomsBy with our 7 Day Free Trial –  Try BloomsBy Free


Is there a contract with BloomsBy?

NO! There is no contract or hidden fees. Customers pay only one monthly fee.



Can I add markup costs to a proposal?

Yes! you can add labor, floral and supply markup costs across all proposals or for each individual proposal


Is there a floral catalog?

Yes! BloomsBy has an intuitive floral catalog that allows you to add flowers, colors, greens, supplies and more to each component of your proposal


Can I generate a shopping list?

Yes! You can generate a shopping list that will pull all the flowers used to build the components of your proposal.


Can I email the proposal or invoices to my customers?

Yes! BloomsBy allows sending of proposals and invoices via email. The email template can be customized for a more personal touch per proposal.


Does BloomsBy have inspiration pages?

Yes! Use the Inspiration page to upload images that your customer and you have shared to create a clear vision for their Wedding or Event in one location!



What is a payment processor?

A third-party payment processor (also known as a Payment Gateway) lets you accept payments.


Do I have to use BloomsBy payment processor?

No! With BloomsBy we give you the flexibility to choose whatever payment process best works for your floral business. For more information on what payment processors BloomsBy works with, you can speak with a BloomsBy Sales Representative.


What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is an account where your money is deposited after your customers’ payments have been authorized and processed through a payment processor?


Still, have questions about BloomsBy?

Not to worry, feel free to speak to one of our BloomsBy Sales Representatives today!

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