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Floral designers often find themselves working with clients who have specific budget constraints. However, even couples on a budget want a memorable experience, and beautiful floral designs are an important part of most weddings. By finding ways to make the most of a couple’s budget, floral designers can distinguish themselves from competitors and gain satisfied customers, leading to good recommendations and reviews. How can you do this? There are many ways. Selection of Flowers Making a couple’s floral budget go farther begins with advising them on flower selections. Greater bang for their buck can be gained here with a few tips. First, it is recommended that expensive flowers be mixed with inexpensive ones rather than focusing on high-priced varieties. Just a few expensive flowers will truly stand out in an arrangement that features many lower-priced varieties. Additionally, a useful suggestion would be to ensure that you are selecting flowers that are in season. While a bride may have her heart set on tulips, they are not ideal for a budget-conscious couple with a fall wedding. Providing the bride and groom with a number of suggestions for flowers that are in season will lower their costs and ensure that their budget can go further. Ultimately, presenting the couple with a number of options will help them prioritize their choices with their budget in mind. floral design social media Go Big with Volume This suggestion kind of piggy-backs on the concept of mixing expensive flowers with inexpensive ones and opting for in-season choices. A wedding with lots of floral arrangements will typically seem much more ornate than one with fewer but nicer flowers. Thus, if a couple envisions lots of floral work, advising them on selections that will allow you to provide a greater volume of flowers would be ideal. When doing this, help the couple to envision what this may look like during their ceremony and reception. Additionally, a useful method to garner a greater volume of flowers for a couple is to advise them to select just a few types of flowers that look great together. This will allow you to utilize wholesale prices, enabling you to pass some of those savings on to the couple. Additionally, employing logistics can help increase volume. Consider reusing flowers from the ceremony at the reception. This can be executed with simple planning to transition between the two settings. By providing a couple with these suggestions during the consultation, you can enable them to extend their budget and enhance their wedding with many arrangements.

Wow factor

Opt for the “Wow” Factor Weddings are truly one of the most memorable moments. Floral designers can help provide this “Wow Factor” in a number of ways. First, consider focusing on a specific moment to go all out, allowing the remainder of the budget to be spread throughout the rest of the event. This could be arrangements surrounding the couple when they exchange vows or around their table at the reception. Maybe an archway that the couple walks through as they enter the reception. There are many options to recommend! Additionally, the Wow Factor can be supplemented by augmenting existing designs with lighting and another décor. Lighting can be useful for truly highlighting a scene and enhancing its beauty. Even something as simple as stringing some twinkling lights can enhance the atmosphere depending upon the setting. Meanwhile, there are many options for inexpensive décor that can support a couple’s theme and enhance the overall ambiance of the setting. Many couples have budget-conscious needs when planning their wedding. However, the most successful floral designers can provide suggestions for how couples can make their budget stretch further. These include carefully selecting budget-conscious flowers, opting for volume, and creating Wow Factor moments!

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