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As a Floral Designer, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to organize and share collections and ideas that you love, but did you know that Pinterest is also a great way to rank in SEO and drive more traffic to your floral business?

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1. Increase Your Visibility And Rank Your Floral Business

Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users (with 70 percent of those being women). If you’re constantly creating content for Pinterest, brides are bound to find you. You must create boards about specific locations in which you’ve worked in and you’ll rank in SEO when somebody looks for those locations. This is a great way to gain visibility about the work you’ve done and rank in local SEO.

2. You’ll Book More Weddings

The best way to use Pinterest is to save Pins regularly and consistently rather than bulk pinning once a week or once a month. If you do this, you’ll gain followers who may be looking to use your services at some point. But, it’s really important that when you’re creating boards be sure to include the correct keywords and tag locations so customers near you can find you, that way if somebody is looking to get married in your area they will get to see the work you’ve done before.

3. You’ll Get An Increase In Organic Traffic To Your Website

Linking your pins to your floral website or blog can be yet another way you drive traffic and increase sales. It will increase your brand recognition and boost your business.

Since you’ll likely be pinning the images of your own bouquets on Pinterest, it’s also a great idea to add a watermark to your images. Most people add watermarks to prevent an image from being used without your consent.

However, on Pinterest, it also keeps your brand visible. Whenever someone uses your image, they’ll be reminded of who created the image and who they can rely on in the future for any weddings or events. It’s the perfect way to drive potential customers into your pipeline for sales. You can bring their expectations to reality whenever they order.

4. Add A Pin It Button So They Get Back To You Later

Link your website and your Pinterest by adding a Pin It button to your website. This will allow your potential customer to save any images on your website to a Pinterest board. It’s also the easiest way to get recognized on Pinterest. As people look for floral designers for their weddings or events, this can help them narrow down which designs they like best.

Pinterest is the perfect way for floral designers to gain exposure and increase traffic to their floral business. Creating a Pinterest account can help you connect with potential customers and drive them into the pipeline for sales, it’s one of the best ways to increase SEO rankings and gain local recognition through the locations you’ve worked in. Before they’ve even ordered, they’ll know the type of quality you bring to your wedding and event arrangements.

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