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Florist contract

When you’re in any kind of business situation, it’s crucial to have everything written into a contract. Yet, more often than not, florists designers aren’t sure what goes in their own florist contract.


They know that they need to meet with the client, give them a quote, and show up the day of the event — but when it comes to putting it in writing, what are the must-haves? To help you create a florist contract template, I’m laying out everything that you need to include based on what I’ve learned the hard way.

What to include

Terms: The terms of the contract are what is being agreed upon between the two parties. The client is agreeing to pay you for your services in a specified way (cash, check, money order).

Balance: Ensuring that you receive the agreed-upon amount on time is essential to running a sustainable business. In your florist contract template, you should outline when payment should be made to ensure the flowers are ordered on time, specifying that if this does not occur then the agreement is no longer valid.

Cancellation policy: This section should outline the cancellation policy for your company. This will likely depend on the size of your company and if you’re about to reuse any flowers you’ve ordered in the event of a cancellation. Outline the time that a client would need to cancel by, to receive money back (2 weeks, 10 days, etc.) and how they would need to notify you, contract cancellations should be made in writing and you must also state the percentage of the money they’re going to get back if any.

Substitution policy: Flowers aren’t an exact science, and sometimes you may need to make substitutions if what you ordered does not arrive in the correct condition due to transport, coloring, etc. Include in your initial florist contract template that you reserve the right to make the appropriate substitutions so that the quality of flowers utilized is always top-notch.

Limited liability: This portion of the contract puts a limit on the total amount of money that is awarded to the client in the event that they sue you. Generally, this is the amount that the client pays to you, but it could be any amount and is up to you to layout in the contract.

Rental: Let the client know that all rental items must be returned to your company, and any items not returned will incur an additional fee.

Venue policy clause: This is an important section to include because each and every venue will have its own rules about how and where arrangements and decorations are placed. Of course, the client will also have opinions about this. Having this clause provides that the parties agree that any guidelines, policies, and prohibitions set out by the venue will be followed.

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of having to get it all in writing, BloomsBy is a great tool to help you with it. As an app specifically geared toward floral event planning, you can use BloomsBy to create proposals, draft contracts, and collect payments without skipping a beat. Watch your profits soar as a once complicated process becomes painless. Everything you need to be done with significantly less work on your part! It’s every florist’s dream.

Remember that a florist contract template is a key way to ensure that you engage in a successful collaboration. Stating everything by contract guarantees that both parties are on the same page and gives you a reference point for any future discussions.



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