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Wedding, floral, salesBuilding a connection with your customer is critical for getting the most out of your online marketing experience. Instagram video marketing is apart of that! IG video marketing is using video content to produce engagement and eventually sales. On Instagram, you can create both photos and videos but today we will focus on the latter of the two.

wedding, floral, sales

What Are your Video Options
Instagram has created a host of video recording options all of which can be used in a variety of ways to help support your business and boost sales.

1. Feed Videos
This video recording is the standard for Instagram, created in 2013. Most businesses use feed-based videos to share their more professional videos as they are the first a view will interact with. These videos can be vertical, square, or horizontal and run 3 seconds to 60 seconds.

2. Video Stories
Stories began in 2016 as a response to Snapchat. Many companies use story videos to showcase a more personal touch. Unless saved these videos only last 24 hours. These videos are vertical and run up to 15 seconds with the addition of hashtags, emoticons, and more.

3. Live Videos
Lives allow you to broadcast live video streams to your followers. This is a great way to interact with your audience live. Live videos are often spontaneous but it’s always good to have some sort of a plan going in. These videos are vertical and can run-up to an hour.

4. IGTV Videos
Created in 2018 IGTV was made to meet the demands of video content consumption that is still strong today. The service can be accessed from the Instagram app or a dedicated IGTV app. This vertical option runs 15-seconds and 10-minutes long. This time can be expanded with verification.

5. Reel Videos
As a recent advent as of 2019, Reels gives businesses another creative option. This in-app option is the Instagram answer to TikTok allowing users to create videos that can be stopped and began at any time with the addition of hashtags, stickers, and more similar to Video Stories.

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Brand Storytelling
Another way to connect with your audience is to create an honest brand story. What is your company’s story? Are you more posh or laid back? Possibly more rural or maybe artistic? These videos are best for Saved Video Stories, Feed Videos, or possibly Live Videos. Consider introducing your customers to the beginning story of your business or share the stories of how couples met with their approval first!

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These are a favorite for those not in-the-know of your industry. Showing your staff at work creating garlands for a wedding or bringing the reception together on site are great options! Behind-the-scenes videos are best for Reel Videos and Video Stories as they are not often as planned.

floral, sales, wedding

Time-Sensitive or Short-Term News
A call to action as a marketing tip will never go out of style. Do you have a one-day deal or special announcement? Stories work perfectly for time-sensitive offers and announcements since the stories themselves only last a day before disappearing!

Educate Them
Educating your audience is a classic for creating a loyal customer base. There are often questions your clientele would love to ask but never feel it’s appropriate to do so. Offer them the
chance! These videos can also take the form of a Q& segment. Be careful with educational videos though, you don’t give away all your secrets! These videos are best for Live Videos or IGTV Videos.

Social media was originally intended for friends to stay in contact and this same attitude applies to business. Creating a relationship is critical. Though social media marketing of any kind is meant to be more casual remember you should still take it just as seriously as any marketing. That means creating a plan, keeping it professional, and keeping track of your effort.

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