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If you are new to event and wedding floristry or just want a few quick tips and tricks to make your overall experience run smoother this sit the post for you. Many florists are used to the calm atmosphere a floral shop brings but the world of events is much different with its fast-paced nature and the never-ending list of ‘to-do’s in under a certain amount of time. Today we will share with you a few ideas to help your wedding setup procedure run as smoothly as possible.

Talk it Out

Always make sure you make final contact with the bride or her planner at least a week before the wedding even if you both have finalized payment procedures. This final contact with help everyone knows whether or not they are on the same page when it comes to delivery times and locations. This is also the perfect time to ask any questions or get additional information that might be needed such as passcodes to secure location. Make sure this same conversation is had with your delivery staff.

Preliminary Visit

If you are unfamiliar with a wedding venue or event location it is best to visit the location with permission of the owner or even get a tour of the facility! You can always gather pictures online, but they may not do you justice when it comes to seeing the small details that can make or break how you manage a design. Pay attention to whether or not there are hooks to hang materials, safety hazards that may hinder your staff, and if there is onsite water you can use for vases. You may also find it important to bring along your potential delivery and installment team.

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Prep What You Can

We are all masters at Valentine’s Day right? I hope so! Well, the same rules apply to weddings which can be just as chaotic! Prep what you can in advance. It may take up critical cooler space but having greenery prepped for wedding day work before the blooms come in can save you a lot of time and energy when the real work begins.


Have a Back-Up Plan

The chaos of building and delivery day is not the time to try and figure out what you can do if something doesn’t go your way. What if the delivery vehicle breaks down? What if a vase breaks or an arrangement dies? Make sure you have plans set into place for worst-case scenarios that might happen well in advance.

Write it Down

Any detail as mundane as it may seem needs to be written down. You never know what small details will turn into a major crisis down the road. Writing down the details also provides you a checklist to work off of when building your floral work, delivering it, and installing it. Having a step by step that your staff can pay attention to will help them and you not miss the important facts.

Weddings can be hectic but so much fun and even more rewarding. What are some of the steps you take to ensure a safe, accurate and timely wedding set-up?

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