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With larger events still up in the air depending on your location and local guidelines, micro weddings are becoming more and more popular for the soon-to-be bride. Selling these smaller events and making sure you get the most out of it you can is extremely important in staying relevant and keeping your business going through these turbulent times. With some states still restricting events to less than ten people, micro weddings are even smaller these days. Some florists have begun to panic on how this might hinder their profit but with a little ingenuity that won’t’ be the case.

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What Actually is a Micro Wedding

On average, a micro wedding is a wedding with 50 guests or less. The side of less can even be as small as the bride and groom themselves and that is it, like an elopement style. That being said, it’s imperative to keep in mind these weddings are not the same as elopements styles you may have previously done. Micro weddings are still full weddings, they are just on the smaller side. These couples even with a smaller number of guests want an experience and that is what you can provide them. So, what can you offer these couples?

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Bigger is Better for Micro Weddings

Wedding and event costs are usually priced per headcount like ordering from a caterer. The more guests the higher the budget. With fewer guests a bride’s budget can go one of two ways, the overall price will go down or a micro wedding will provide her the opportunity to spend more per person and create a more luxurious experience for those involved. As a florist, you can help guide brides in the direction of increasing the cost per guest with unique touches and more deluxe blooms!

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Additional Concerns and Reliable Safety

While you shouldn’t take advantage of a bad situation you do need to be mindful of the additional practices you need to take to keep yourself, your staff, and your client safe. These concerns may also be concerns of your couple over their guests as well. What you can offer them is reliable safety, 6 ft of social distance, masks at all times, sanitized products when possible, and no contact delivery for the day of. These may be precautions you have to take regardless but they take time and money on your part and that should be reflected in your client’s price.

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The Package Technique

If you have ever been involved in wedding planning, you might be familiar with package selling as opposed to individual items that florists are usually accustomed to. When it comes to micro-wedding packages play a vital role. Package deals are bundles of floral arrangements such as a bridal bouquet and corsage that have a foundation at a certain price point. While the blooms are chosen can be customized within reason what is included in the packages usually is not. These packages are usually tiered in price and include more as the price increases.


Example of Tiers Include:
Tier One: 1 Bridal Bouquet, 1 boutonniere, and cake accents
Tier Two: 1 Bridal Bouquet, 1 Maid of Honor bouquet, 2 boutonnieres, and cake accents
Tier Three: 1 Bridal Bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 3 boutonnieres, 4 centerpieces, and cake accents


These may be uncertain times when it comes to large-scale events, but you don’t need to lose sleep over your business. With a little creativity and knowledge about the way your demographic responds to situations like we are currently in micro weddings will be the perfect sell to keep your floral shop thriving!

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