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When you think of a floral designer, you may think of someone who owns a flower shop. You can go in, browse around, and purchase a bouquet for any occasion. Yet, more and more floral designers are now building a floral business focused specifically on their passion for events. If this sounds like it’s up to your alley, you may be interested in switching from a retail-based business model to a wedding/event only company.

In this article, we’ll touch on how you can leave the daily retail operation behind. Here are all the perks to transforming your business and becoming a wedding and event florist.


How to switch your florist retail business to wedding/event only

Focusing your business on only one aspect of the market can be incredibly beneficial because it allows you to perfect your craft. Full-service florists do well, but you can maximize your profits by transforming your business and becoming a wedding and event florist. If you already have a retail business, you likely have the skills, it’s just a matter of using them to your advantage. Here are some ways you can hone your skills to make them wedding/event specific.

  1. Find a mentor
  2. Learn principles and techniques specific to events
  3. Develop skills further (never stop learning!)

After that, you’ll need to establish yourself as a new floral brand in the industry. You’ll need to have all the basics like company name, logo, website, blog, social media, studio/storefront, and more. If you’re a retail business, you’ve more than likely been through these steps before, but this time you’re catering them to a different demographic. It takes time to get settled as a new business, market your business, and create a network, but investing this time and effort pays off

The benefits to transitioning to wedding/event only

  1. You can focus on one aspect of floral design.

    Passion is one of the factors that make a business blossom (no pun intended!). If you’ve found that you have a true passion for event floral design, then it may be time to become a wedding and event florist. Focusing on the aspect of floral design where you excel often helps your business grow.

  2. You can partner with other industry businesses.

    If you’re in the wedding/event industry, you can consider bringing photographers, DJs, musicians, bridal and tuxedo shops, hair/makeup/nail salons, venues, and hotels into your network. This will allow you to market more effectively and spread the word about your business while also promoting those in your network.

  3. You can maximize your profits

    There is an average of 2.3 million weddings and approximately $72 billion spent on weddings in the U.S. alone. Add in corporate events, holiday parties, and other times of the year that people require florals, and you have an unbelievable amount of available business already. Specializing as a wedding and event florist can help you maximize your profits.

There you go! That’s how you transition your business from retail to wedding/event only. Becoming a wedding and event floral designer is a dream come true for many florists out there.


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