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Weddings are the core component of business for floral designers. Trends continually change, and it is important to keep up with some of the more popular ways to wow guests. There are many new arrangements that can be included in proposals to grow business and help a couple make their wedding more elegant. Let’s take a look at some of these options.

Accessories with Live Flowers

A wedding is a once in a lifetime day and many couples are opting for once in a lifetime intricately designed items to make their special day more beautiful. An increasingly popular option is accessories designed to incorporate live flowers. There are many options for this that can fit the couple’s needs. From floral necklaces or cuff bracelets to statement earrings, weaving live flowers into these accouterments will add class and elegance to any bride’s look.


Encased Arrangements

A growing trend for weddings involves floral arrangements encased in glass. This simple addition helps give the piece a look of nostalgia and timelessness, harkening references to the iconic flower in Beauty and the Beast. Encased arrangements can be small for centerpieces or larger at several feet tall. There are a variety of options and many ways to incorporate them into a wedding. For example, consider larger encased arrangements placed periodically down the aisle to frame the bride’s walk.

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Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are increasingly popular among brides. They have a look that is classic and delicate. There are many options here, but one of the most popular is incorporating dried flowers into bridal bouquets. This has an added benefit as the bouquet is already ready to be preserved as a keepsake. Dried flowers can also make for beautiful centerpieces for tables at a reception, providing a look that will keep everyone talking. 


Floral Collar or Leash for Pets

Pets are an important part of families, and couples are increasingly finding ways for their furry friends to be included as part of their wedding festivities. In fact, a simple Google search will find many articles discussing interesting ways to involve pets at weddings. Thus, floral accessories are no longer just for the bride. Floral collars and leashes are excellent ways to help adorn pets in the wedding’s theme.

Flower accesorios wedding flowers


As wedding flowers continue to evolve, the business does as well. There are many new trends that allow floral designers to add options to their proposals. Accessories with live flowers, encased arrangements, dried flowers, and floral décor for pets are all items that can help couples have a top-notch wedding. Consider incorporating these items into your business offerings.

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