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New Wedding Trend – Elopement & Small/Intimate Weddings

Wedding Trends

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, many couples opted to delay their weddings, waiting until the pandemic was under control. However, it quickly became evident that coronavirus would change how society operates for an extended period of time as people transitioned into a new normal of mask-wearing and social distancing.

The wedding industry has been greatly affected by the pandemic, with increasing numbers of couples opting to forego a large wedding, giving rise to a trend of elopements and small/intimate weddings. This trend may actually be a positive development for floral designers.


Eloping traditionally refers to getting married in secrecy. However, more recently, a couple eloping seeks to opt-out of the traditional wedding planning and ceremony for a small event. Typically, eloping couples will have a destination wedding by themselves or with a select few family and friends.

Elopement is actually well designed for a COVID-friendly wedding with little to no social gathering. However, COVID has brought some changes to typical elopement. For example, the percent of elopements occurring in a couple’s home state increased from 18% to 25% post-COVID while average guests decreased from 10 to 7.

Intimate Weddings

Some couples still desire to have more of a traditional wedding. In the age of COVID, this has led to smaller guest lists due to safety concerns as well as reductions in capacity limits. Additionally, couples taking this approach have to consider how to implement social distancing among guests from different families.

Couples opting for a smaller, intimate celebration have increasingly sought to make their day special by focusing on the design. Many small weddings have utilized beautiful floral designs, hand-lettered place settings, and personalized favors in order to make their ceremony stand out. The reality is that small, customized touches are undertaking a vital role in allowing couples to feel that their day is special and elegant even with a smaller guest list.

The Livestream

For many couples, having family and friends with them on their special day is simply too important to pass up. Thus, many couples are finding non-traditional ways to accomplish this while keeping guests safe. Increasingly couples are turning to technology.

There has been a vast increase in virtual weddings with a few select people at the ceremony and everyone else watching from the comfort of their home via Zoom or Instagram Live. Some couples opt for a low-frills stream while others seek to have professional touches. One of the important aspects of these events is ensuring that the wedding and setting are very photogenic.

There are some couples that are waiting to celebrate their wedding until after COVID-19 subsides. However, just as society has adjusted, many couples have adjusted their plans accordingly. Trends for the wedding industry during coronavirus include an increase in elopements, smaller intimate weddings, and live-streamed ceremonies.

The Opportunity As a Floral Designer 

When these wedding trend started to happen, floral designers around the world were surprised by noticing that the Bride and Groom still wanted a floral decoration and even bigger than they thought before. With the reduction of invites, elopement, or streaming, flowers became one of the most important decors to showcase in these weddings. Flowers have the power to make the wedding feel more elegant and are the perfect companion for photography and video that are the main formats for couples to share this day with their family and friends. As a Floral Designer, this is a great opportunity for selling more of your services and creating beautiful Floral Wedding Proposals.

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